2017 Public Benefit Corporation Annual Report Released

May 04, 2018


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Every year, to maintain our status as a public benefit corporation, Oliver Russell measures our environmental and social impact. We’re proud to release our 2017 Annual Report and share some of the highlights with you.

Since Russ Stoddard founded our agency in 1991, we’ve donated more than $2 million to social enterprises and nonprofit causes in our community. That’s like donating $74,074 a day for each year we’ve been in business! Basically if we stacked 2 million $1 bills, it would be about the same height as if the Statue of Liberty was balancing atop the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

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Additionally, we partner with B1G1 to tie business outcomes to social impact. Here’s what that looked like in 2017:

  • Based on the number of enewsletter sign-ups, we fed a child in an Ethiopian nursery for 966 days.
  • We landed five new clients this year, and in turn, we provided five business loans to women in Africa.
  • Book sales from “Rise Up—How to Build a Socially Conscious Business” meant we donated 234 children’s books to libraries in Cambodia.
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Locally, we volunteered more than 400 hours at a host of Treasure Valley nonprofits, including Boise Rescue Mission, Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, Toys for Tots, Idaho Youth Ranch, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Most importantly, we continued to support our employees by paying 100% of their medical, dental, and vision insurance costs, and two employees and their families benefited from our paid parental leave program. We even had an adorable “office baby” most of last year, Maeve Samuelson.

If you’d like to talk about how your business or organization might begin to embark on a social impact journey centered on purpose, email Russ at rstoddard@oliverrussell.com

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