A Great Mother's Day Gift

May 06, 2015



Coming up with a gift worthy of a mom's sacrifice can provoke some serious anxiety in those of us missing the gene for thoughtful gift giving.

For you, we’ve created Alternative Mother’s Day gifts at mothersday.rmhcidaho.org. For as little as $10, you can donate in your mom’s name to cover the cost of a family’s stay at the Idaho Ronald McDonald House for one or more nights while their child receives treatment at a hospital nearby.

In return, you get to personalize one of three Mother’s Day cards that tells your mom about the gift and the good it does for other moms—versus the boring, traditional gifts you didn’t give them like flowers, chocolate, and brunch.

More than just soliciting donations, the campaign is designed to educate donors and their moms. Thus the PDF of the card donors receive includes a second page—a fact sheet that explains the nature and impact of the House’s work.

A Great Mothers Day Gift Lp

Why did we get into the Mother’s Day gift business?

To be heard in the marketplace, to recruit talent, to comply with regulations—it’s tempting to think of nonprofits as exempt from the challenges faced by for-profit businesses.

In fact the nonprofit world is hugely competitive, with most of the same issues of a business, only with fewer resources and far more public scrutiny.

When Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho asked us to help them raise awareness statewide with—you guessed it—a modest budget, we found ourselves in a familiar predicament. A traditional media campaign was obviously out. And without a strong news angle, PR wasn’t a good fit either.

The answer in this case came after we cross-referenced the House’s timeframe for a campaign with the holiday calendar. Mother’s Day was a natural tie. Next we collaborated with the House to create a gift that was fun, didn’t require shipping, and fit the mission of the organization. Designer Mitch Kuhn designed and programmed the solution.

3 Cards New

The moral of this story

Anymore, if you want people to pay attention to you, you have to pay them. It could be a great image, critical information, or a great deal. With the advent of new distractions like smartphones, people are, understandably, even more guarded with their time. To be successful, you have to make listening worth their while.

Get yours today and share the link—Mother’s Day is May 10th

To get your Alternative Mother’s Day Gift, just visit mothersday.rmhcidaho.org. And please share this link with your friends and family via email and social media.


The Idaho chapter of Ronald McDonald House Charities provides a "home away from home" for families and their seriously ill or injured children who travel far to receive medical treatment. In addition, the Charity invests in community programs that promote the health and well-being of children. More at rmhcidaho.org,facebook.com/rmhcidaho or twitter.com/RMHIdaho.

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