Spring Client Roundup

May 08, 2018



One is a household name.

Another is better known in our community for thrift stores than its life-changing work to transform the lives of kids in crisis (which is why they hired us!).

Finally, there’s the best little soap company you’ve never heard of, yet.

This spring, we’re pleased as punch to welcome three new clients into the Oliver Russell family of purpose-driven brands. 



Logo Smithsonian


The Smithsonian turned to us to help grow consumer demand for certified bird-friendly coffee. Many coffee aficionados don’t realize it’s not enough to buy an organic or fair trade certified cup of Joe if you care about protecting the wellbeing of migratory birds. Helping consumers, especially those in the massive birding community, understand why they should demand the Smithsonian’s gold seal of bird-friendly coffee as the gold standard in conservation is the goal of this project. It’s no coincidence that this client heard about us because of our previous work for Allegro Coffee, which offers bird-friendly coffee certified by the Smithsonian. 

Logo Iyr

Idaho Youth Ranch

Idaho Youth Ranch is one of the best-known brands in the greater Boise area—that is if you're into thrifting. With 18 second hand stores in the Treasure Valley alone, the success of the nonprofit organization’s social enterprise that benefits Idaho kids in crisis have become a victim of their own success, with more people knowing about the stores than the cause. When every day in Idaho there are 54 reports of child abuse that’s not acceptable. We’re partnering over the next year to help better tie the stores to Idaho Youth Ranch’s mission, champion the completion of its new 258-acre ranch in Middleton, and raise the public’s awareness about the unique equine therapy program for troubled and traumatized kids. 

Logo Soa

Our Planet Soap

One of our favorite things to do at Oliver Russell is build brands from scratch, especially when that means working with a startup committed to making real social and environmental impact on the world. Our Planet Soap Company’s goal is to make great soap without the use of palm oil—a highly versatile vegetable oil whose large-scale plantations are decimating critical habitat for many endangered species. With a goal of raising awareness amongst consumers that issues like animal conservation, biodiversity, and climate change are closely tied to the products we choose to buy and support, Our Planet Soap donates 10% of it’s profits to endangered animal conservation projects. Each soap bar in the product lineup is named for an animal (think dolphin, gorilla, leopard, polar bear) and includes info on the packaging about the environmental threats facing each species and how consumers can take action.