'Best for the World' Volume 1: Volunteer Engagement

Jul 02, 2018



Are you a “do gooder”?

We are.

In fact, that’s why B Lab recently named us among the Best For the World in two categories: Workers and Governance

This recognition is something we strive to earn every day, and in our next few blog posts, we’re going to highlight some of the policies that led to this honor. For example, one reason B Lab recognized us is because of how we engage employees in volunteering in the community. Each month, we give back as a company through a service project at a local nonprofit. As individuals, each of us is motivated by that desire to do good for our community, so we donate our time and skills in diverse ways. 

Best In The World Banner

Oliver Russell selects monthly volunteer events based on what’s needed most in any given season. In the spring, we help the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley repair trails for the upcoming summer, and in winter, we help Toys for Tots gather gifts for local children in need. It’s all about identifying a need, lending a hand, and bonding as a group over something that goes far beyond business. 

Individual team members are encouraged to volunteer throughout the month – during work hours or not – through our employee volunteer match program. Oliver Russell matches personal volunteering efforts of employees with paid volunteer time during office hours. For every hour an employee volunteers outside their work hours, they receive one hour of volunteer time during their workday

Caitlin Copple Masingill, our PR Director, is one of our most active volunteers.

“I really appreciate being able to attend meetings for my volunteer work with Global Talent Idaho and The College of Idaho’s Business Advisory Council during the workday,” she says. “It’s wonderful to work for a company that shares my values around giving back to my community.” 


Producer Adie Bartron also uses her workday to make a difference.

“About a year ago I became a Big Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho,” she says. “I spend one lunch hour with my Little Sister every week through their school site-based program. It’s a truly gratifying experience and I appreciate that Oliver Russell supports my efforts and gives me the flexibility to volunteer during the work day.” 

As a company, we believe not only in helping our community’s nonprofits, we also feel it's essential to support our employees so they can do the same. In 2017, Oliver Russell employees completed over 400 volunteer hours — a goal we plan to exceed for 2018.