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Generation Z, Millennials, and You

Generation Z grew up in the shadow of the most diverse and populous generation since the baby boomers—millennials. But unlike millennials, they are true digital natives and have come/are coming of age with unlimited internet access, established social media platforms, abundant access to high-speed internet and “smart” devices of all kinds, the most ubiquitous being smartphones and tablets. In a big way, their lives are defined by the space they inhabit in the digital world.  

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How to Build a Purpose-Driven Company, Part 3: Share It

Welcome to the end of this series, which is really your beginning. You’ve done a lot of heavy lifting to this point, creating a brand foundation and proving your purpose through independent verification. Now your journey gets interesting, and perhaps even more rewarding, as you set out to share your purpose.

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How to Build A Purpose-Driven Company, Part 2: Prove It

Part 1 of this series, “Create it,” walked you through the process of creating your brand foundation around values, purpose, and a manifesto. Now that you’ve built your foundation, there are a lot of good intentions floating around your business and you’re ready to take on the competition as a purpose-driven world beater.

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How to Build a Purpose-Driven Company, Part 1

Our company specializes in building brands for purpose-driven companies. We count ourselves among their ranks as well, so we have developed concrete thoughts on how to go about doing this—leveraging practices from others, alongside those we have established internally through years of experience.

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How To Make Your Brand More Trustworthy

I used to love the word authentic, but today it’s overused and abused, particularly in the commercial marketing scape of brands. The minute a brand—or anyone, really—utters this word in attribution to its products or services, you instantly know it’s anything but.

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Millennials Pull Corporate Social Responsibility into the Marketplace

This generation is exerting its potent influence to reshape corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the most powerful place of all—the marketplace.

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Why Purpose is Profitable for Business

This is squishy stuff for a business audience, right? Well, the Tibetan mojo is flowing downhill like an avalanche from the Himalayas and crashing its way into the corporate vernacular.

Its place in today’s business lexicon?

Strategy. That’s right—strategy.

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